Flu season is upon us once again. Every year, between 5% and 20% of the entire U.S. population gets the flu. Hopefully you’re already doing everything you can to avoid getting sick, but it’s just as important to teach your children the proper ways to prevent contracting the flu and other bacterial infections. Make sure you reinforce these ideas to your kids so they know how to avoid (or at least combat) getting sick and won’t spread diseases around.

Avoid physical contact with people
Make sure your children know to not play in close proximately to their friends or classmates who happen to be sick. Teach them to look for various signs like sniffling, runny noses, coughing, etc. And make sure your children know that they should keep their distance from others when they are sick as well.

It’s okay to stay home
Your kids might be nervous to ask to stay home from school but make sure they know it’s okay for them to ask you. It’s safe to say you would much rather them stay home and nurse their cold than go into school and potentially catch something worse like the flu.

Cover your mouth at all times
Whether it’s your child that is sick or they’re near other people showing signs of the flu, make sure your kid is aware of the importance of covering his or her mouth. The flu can spread rapidly if people (especially children) don’t take care of themselves and cover their mouths.

Regularly wash your hands
Like covering their mouth, your kids should know the importance of washing their hands — whether they’re sick or not. Thoroughly washing hands with soap and water will help protect your kids from germs.

Although flu season happens every year, and these diseases can strike even the most prepared of people, it’s important to diligently monitor your health and your children’s health. A simple cough can transform into something much more alarming and should be addressed immediately. Visit a nearby blood test lab for a blood analysis if you’re concerned about any potentially severe disease. Getting a blood test analysis at a medical lab can help ease your mind and get to the bottom of any underlying health issue for you or your children.

If you are in need of such testing, or just want to learn more tips for surviving flu season, contact GTI Laboratories today.

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