August 1, 2017 — A group trying to shut Santa Monica Airport as a pollution hazard is asking neighboring residents to seek testing for genetic vulnerabilities as part of an independent health study on jet fuel emissions.

No Jets, based in West L.A., is asking residents in the proximity to SMO to seek genetic testing for an in-depth review of the health impact of ultra-fine particulates from jet fuel.

Alan Levenson, head of No Jets, said the testing is available online at several sites, such as and others, which trace not just family trees but provide insights into physical vulnerabilities to a wide range of medical conditions.

Scientific studies have documented the health hazards related to living close to airports, particularly sprawling Los Angeles International Airport. But Levenson said his organization wants to specifically document the health issues for those living and/or working near SMO.

His group has much anecdotal information, but still lacks the wealth of statistical data it needs to make a case for shuttering SMO as soon as possible he said.

“To me it seems obvious airports make people sick,” Levenson said. “The evidence is out there.”

Aside from jet noise, residents in the areas surrounding SMO have long complained of the fumes and particulates from fuel used for charter jets.

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